Steps of the Military Decision Making Process Discussion

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Requirement #2: Generate Options, Generate Options is the phrase.

Write a response for requirement 2 regarding MDMP step 3 in a short answer essay (SAE) format. SAE format consists of a minimum of 3 paragraphs per define and explain; each paragraph must consist of a minimum of 5 properly structured 10-20 word sentences, free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. ONLY USE references Ive attached. Each requirement must have a minimum of 3 paragraphs and a maximum of 5 paragraphs based on the define and explain model as prescribed below:

1-2 paragraphs – Define – To state the precise meaning of a word or phrase.

1-3 paragraphs – Explain – To make understanding clear by providing detail.


ATP 5-19, Risk Management, para 4-38 thru 4-54

FM 3-90-1, Offense and Defense, para 1-10

FM 6-0, Commander and Staff Organization and Operations, para 9-82 thru 9-120

TC 7-100.2, Opposing Force Tactics, para 2-36 thru 2-46

Please only input 10-20 words per sentence for this 3-8 paragraph paper. Each paragraph must adhere to the grading rubric. Here is the grading rubric. Here is the slides that we all went over in class on GENERATE OPTIONS according to the assignment/paper required.