SU Philosophy Critical Analysis Essay


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SU Philosophy Critical Analysis Essay
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Please edit the two critical analysis essay attached below with the notes of what to edit, please also let me know if you need any more material because im not sure what you need for me to attached.

Here are the notes for critical analysis essay 1:

This is a good start, though it still needs a lot of work. You are discussing different religious approaches without engaging in a deep comparison. Your points about religion and society/politics are quite interesting! Work more in revising to develop your ideas. You needed to cite Lincoln properly, as well. We talked a lot in class about how to do a comparison, how to integrate 7 class sources, and how to draw in the disciplinary readings. Also, use the resources on Brightspace for citing sources. I pre-formatted all our class sources into a bibliography. I also posted a resource for Chicago citations. f you want to stay in the class, you will need to come to class regularly. You will also need to make up past absences. You are missing a lot of the class content and framing. Please let me know if you’d like to talk. I’m happy to help you as I can, though you will need to commit to attending, preparing, and participating.

attached is also the rubric

Here are the notes for critical analysis essay 2:

Your questions around religion and violence are interesting, and I like your comparative approach. Because you are drawing in so many sources from the first half of the semester and outside reading, there is less engagement with the class readings from this half of the semester. Remember that the prompt asked you to use 7 readings from this part of the semester. This would have grounded your analysis more, for example in the theologies around sacred pain, land, just war, and dualistic thinking. As it is, you are reviewing some of the questions (and readings) that were raised in the first half of the course without really examining the deeper issues we engaged recently. There are a lot of typos and errors in the text and in the footnotes. It would have been good to give yourself time to revise and edit.

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