5 Best ways to Succeed as a Nursing Student

Do you want to Succeed as a Nursing Student? Do you admire the way nurses work? What you see is the end product. It takes a lot to mold anyone to a professional nurse. To get to nursing school requires you to work hard and determination to overcome any challenges that come your way. When you succeed in the nursing program, it will transform into a rewarding career. Nursing education is like an adventure and as we know all adventures have some challenges that you did not anticipate. The problems should not discourage you from joining a nursing program if that is your call. With careful planning, you can overcome all the hurdles to thrive in a nursing program and career.

To succeed in a nursing program, you must understand what makes up a nursing program as you will not only take lessons in your chosen specialty. The goal of a nursing school is providing students with knowledge and skills that enable them to deliver effective care to the patients.  After completing their undergraduate nursing degree at two to four-year college or online, students will be considered to be generalist nurses upon passing the NCLEX-RN exam and acquiring a license in their state.Succeed as a Nursing Student.

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5 Best ways to Succeed as a Nursing Student
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On the other hand, Registered Nurse (RN) license includes a broad-based knowledge as the nursing education for this level covers a broad range of job opportunities. The bulk of coursework is in the medical and surgical care for the patients. Succeed as a Nursing Student,However, there are still classes in the core requirements that include obstetrics, pediatrics, community health, and psychiatry. Beyond them, there are additional classes in areas such as research, pharmacology, ethical and legal issues in nursing as well as the role of a professional nurse.Succeed as a Nursing Student

If you want to succeed in nursing, you must prepare well for comprehensive study in various subjects.


You will have an easier time in a nursing college if you observe the following:


Nursing school can be tough because you must study widely to gain in-depth knowledge of each subject. It requires hard work, many hours of research and dedication. Succeed as a Nursing Student,Many new students think about their life as practicing nurses only to realize that it requires them to give much of their time and effort to studies and preparing for the exams. You must prepare well mentally and physically for class studies and clinical rotations. The preparation includes good organization, use study guides and clinical time to the maximum and their advantage.Succeed as a Nursing Student

Gather broad knowledge

Many students enter a nursing school with the intention of working in their favorite specialty areas such as pediatrics or Gerontology. The option to join your specialty will be there, but that is in the latter stages of your program. Early classes help you to gain knowledge and skills that lay a foundation for you to be a well-rounded health care provider which is essential for a successful nursing career. Succeed as a Nursing Student,Take every subject seriously even if you assume that you will not use it in your specialty position. For instance, you might be a cardiac nurse but once in while you may attend to a patient whose treatments also requires the application of obstetrics knowledge. You may even end up working a generalist. Although undergraduate students do not choose a specialization, it is likely that you will do your nursing apprenticeship rotation in the last semester. Most of the time, students end up doing the apprenticeship in the specialties that they want to work in but they must everything in their program to pass an NCLEX exam. It is a general examination for assessing all parameters of the nursing practice and not just a specialty area that someone pursues in the preceptorship.Succeed as a Nursing Student.

Be organized

Familiarize yourself with course schedule and make plans on how to fit in the time for studying and other activities. Always make sure that you have a “to do” list that prioritizes your tasks. Set aside a section of your room to keep your nursing gear and books that you do not forget or lose anything. Let every aspect of your life to have a proper organization. Cluster your household chores like cleaning or laundry to prevent distraction from studying.Succeed as a Nursing Student.

Be a team player

You should make an effort to be comfortable when working with others even if you are an introvert. No nurse can work alone. You will need the help of your peers for studies, group projects, clinical rotations and graduation preparation. Be ready to give what you will expect to get from you classmates or your experience in the nursing school will be miserable. Respect all the people especially your dedicated teachers because they are the ones who take you from one step to another. Listen more and if necessary talk less.Succeed as a Nursing Student

Take things in perspective

Try to maintain some perfectionism but have it in mind that your grades might drop below your expectations at times. Nursing students are smart nut it is hard to maintain same grade point average throughout college life. If you get a low grade, accept that you have to work harder next time and move on. Succeed as a Nursing Student,If you are not getting along with a clinical instructor, keep calm. Within a short period, the clinical will be over, and you will start the next one.

Maintain a healthy life

Although nursing education takes much of your time, remember to take care of your life. Eat a healthy diet, engage in some exercise and participate in other activities that help you to freshen up your mind such as joining a club. Take enough rest when you get some time off your busy schedule. Each night, take a good rest to prevent fatigue. When you have time to rest, watch, read or listen to something that has nothing to do with nursing. It will help you to catch up with the outside world more so if you are an on-campus student.Succeed as a Nursing Student.

Prepare for hectic schedule

Nursing has a comprehensive syllabus that takes much of your time even if you are a part-time or online student. Prepare well by making sure that you buy all the necessary books and supplies you need before commencing the course. A good suitcase or backpack is necessary for carrying books as they are bulky. Succeed as a Nursing Student,A computer is essential if you enroll in an online program and researching for information on nursing even as an on-campus class student.

Put any necessary plans in place to manage your time. If you have another job or family, forewarn the concerned people that nursing school is time-consuming and make contingency plans to have someone standing in for you when are unavailable for some role.

Succeed as a Nursing Student:Preparing For Clinicals

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Clinicals involve learning healthcare in an actual job setting. You must attend clinical when you are studying to become an RN or LPN. Nursing students are under a nursing preceptor or clinical instructor during a clinical. At this time, they apply their classroom knowledge in a work setting. These tips will help you to go through your clinical and gain valuable experience:

  • Be a good learner
  • Keep focus and avoid distractions
  • Care for both the patient and patient care
  • Volunteer to perform tasks
  • Be confident
  • Prepare well for tests and exams 


Gauge the extent of your knowledge

Select a fitting study method

Organize a realistic study plan

Organize a realistic study plan

Take breaks

Use a planner 

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