The Deadly Irony of “The Chaser” Essay

The Fatal Irony of “The Chaser” John Collier’s “The Chaser” produces a feeling of irony, that when found by readers, sends a chill to the spine. This brief story compares and contrasts gorgeous and energetic youth, compared to the nearly evil and terrifying old age. Collier destinations the tale concerning two individuals: Alan Austen and an outdated gentleman. Austen is a lustful youth, who enjoys his companion, but he yearns for a lot more. The nameless outdated gentleman plays an significant purpose by being just one who refuses to think in romance and enjoy. This problem kinds a experience of irony that only very in-depth visitors can discover. Collier also takes advantage of symbolism, tone and placing to mildew an evil and twisted tale. The irony that Collier works by using in “The Chaser” can be recognized by most critics as situational irony. This is a sort that a greater part of authors tend to shy absent from. It is apparent to even the untrained eye that situational irony consists of the people and the problem that they are in. For illustration, when the aged person says: “Please a client with one article, and he will come again when he requires a further,”(Collier 1), the reader can discover it ironic how he is presently engaging younger Alan Austen to return and get the so-called lifetime-cleaner. This “The Chaser” is referred to as the adhere to-up potion, or the lifestyle-cleaner. An additional instance is the expense of the lifetime-cleaner in contrast to the value of the really like potion. To make clear more, this would be like h2o soon after whiskey. How is that for irony? The tone and location of this quick story reveals how Collier feels about the outdated gentleman and his strategies of making dollars. The aged man’s cynicism and the Alan Austen’s drive foretell a disastrous ending for the each of them. However, it lasts permanently, according to the aged male. Symbolism also plays an exciting job in the get of the potions that are purchased by victims. The moment again, irony can be tied into the environment, for the viewers can obtain it ironic how an previous man who makes hundreds of pounds, can live in this sort of a repulsive put. Also, the story talks of “dirty buff-colored walls with cabinets, made up of in all possibly a dozen bottles and jars” (Collier 1). Certainly, John Collier does perfectly to demonstrate how symbolism is vital to the indicating of his story. If a sequel is written by Collier, readers could guess that Austen may possibly comprehend what will transpire if the really like potion is offered to his sweetheart and change his thoughts, or he might give it to her and be happy till the conclude of his times. For example, his concluding words, “Au revoir” (Collier 3), symbolize an ironic double meaning. The outdated guy is familiar with from expertise that Alan will develop weary of this, so he will regret what he has carried out and will glance for a system of escape. This proves to viewers that the old person expects the younger Alan Austen to return to buy the poison for his spouse.