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The student will be responsible for writing a 10-12 page paper that demonstrates an in-depth analysis of a national, state, or local health [problem] or [a problem with a] health care system or [within the student’s] current practice setting. The paper may also be about a problem that is being addressed in the policy arena either locally, regionally, or nationally. The best source for what is happening nationally in congress is State level initiatives can be researched using . If you are selecting a policy at a local (practice level), it is recommended the student discuss his or her interest with the course faculty for permission. The selected policy should be one that has as direct effect on advanced nursing practice, patient care, or service delivery.The paper must be in APA format. The first draft will be submitted to faculty for review and initial feedback. This will provide the student an opportunity to make improvements to the final paper. All faculty feedback is expected to be incorporated into the final draft.The paper should be written using 12-point font with 1-inch margins; page count should not include title or bibliographical pages. A good way to identify various solutions in addition to is to do a literature search across various data bases such as EBSCO using specific search terms. Additionally, a general web search using a search engine such as is helpful. The student should look for interest group or professional association web sites that come up using the key words for the search to see what solutions they propose and/ or what concerns they may have. This also gives the student insight into whether or not the legislation is likely to pass..