UCI Netflix Marketing Strategy Essay


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UCI Netflix Marketing Strategy Essay
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Select a publicly traded company to perform a marketing analysis. See “Company Selection*” (BELOW). I recommend industries like consumer products or retail, as those types of industries have highly visible marketing programs. Additionally, if you choose a company that is involved in different businesses, then, it’s probably easier if you choose a specific brand from that company for your analysis.

I want you to discuss the following Marketing Mix that your company uses for the brand you’ve chosen to discuss in this paper. Use the marketing concepts and terminology from Chapters 11, 12 and 13 of our textbook to answer the questions. I expect more than one sentence answers to each of these questions. I’d like to see a well-reasoned multi-paragraph answer to each of the following questions:

1. Product: How does your firm differentiate its products (especially) your brand, from competitors. What is their source of competitive advantage, if any? Cite your sources.

2. Pricing: What pricing strategies does your firm use? What types of pricing tactics have you observed? Do they use a market share or profit maximization strategy; price skimming or penetration pricing? Etc.

3. Place (Distribution): What distribution channel does your firm use to get your brand to consumers? The answer should go beyond describing “where you buy the product” to how the product gets from where it is manufactured to the consumer. Describe not only the delivery method but also describe the systems used and entities involved. Cite your sources.

4. Promotion: What is the promotional mix used by your firm? Advertising is one component of promotion, but you should also discuss any incentives, marketing campaigns, promotional events, etc. How does the firm “get the word out” or “create a buzz” about their product(s)? Cite your sources.

5. Part 1: If your firm hired you as a marketing consultant, how might you change the Marketing Mix for your Brand? Why would you make those changes?

Part 2: If you were a competitor, what might you do differently to take away market share from your Brand?

Note: You MUST answer these 2 questions and put some thought into it. (Simply answering “Company does an awesome job of marketing and I wouldn’t change anything” isn’t a sufficient answer.)

(No late assignments—this completed project must be uploaded to Canvas on Fri., 5/27.)

The completed assignment must be typed; no hand-written assignments will be accepted. Final papers should be a minimum of 2,500 original words (approximately 5 pages, depending on your font size, margins and line spacing). Better papers with multi-paragraph, thorough answers will be longer and will result in a higher grade. Note: MS Word usually gives you a “word count” in the bottom, left corner of the program window (on the status bar). You may choose to restate portions of the text from this assignment in your paper, but if you do, those words will not count towards your word count. Additionally, any quotations will not count towards your word count.

You will be researching articles and web pages to find answers to the above questions. You must include a bibliography page with your citations. Any plagiarism or violation of academic integrity will result in an “F” grade. If you are repeating this course, you must complete a new project. Use proper citations (MLA or APA style) if you cite another’s work. Papers will be evaluated using Turn-it-in.com anti-plagiarism software. If you have any questions about how to do proper citations, contact the Writing Center or your professor; ignorance will not be an acceptable excuse.

*Company Selection: Announce your company selection in the “Company Selection: No Duplicates” Discussion Board. As the name implies, there will be no duplicates allowed, so get your selection in early. The first student to announce their selection of a company gets it. If your preferred company has already been selected by another student, you must choose another company.

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