University City High School Wartime Discussion


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University City High School Wartime Discussion
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Write a 2.5-3-page paper on one of the prompts below. Your paper must use at least six specific examples from at least three different chapters. This is a one source paper. Only use the book Wartime. Do not include additional sources. Paper is due on Sunday 24 April.

Use page number citations for direct quotes and also for specific references!!!! This is how you cite sources:

Paper Prompts. Base your paper on one of these questions.

1. What does Fussell’s book reveal about being an individual in a mass army? What pressures to conform did servicemen feel? How much control did they have over their lives? In what ways did they cope and/or rebel?

2. What are some of the major differences between the way the war was experienced and the way the war was portrayed in, film, advertising, etc?

3. Mass mobilization and the war created new experiences that had an impact on the English language. What were some of the ways that the war impacted language and literature in the English-speaking countries? What are some examples of new words and phrases came into the English language?

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