University of California San Diego Cutting Fluids and Sustainability PPT


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University of California San Diego Cutting Fluids and Sustainability PPT
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In this case scenario, consider yourselves working in a manufacturing company and your
production line utilizes multiple CNC machining centers and grinders to machine parts. Part
materials are mostly steel. Your company is currently looking for ways to improve its
sustainable manufacturing practices, cut costs and consequently increase profit. Several areas
within the machining operations have been identified as potential opportunities, and your team
is tasked to look into the cutting fluids used in the CNC machining centers and grinders.

Cutting fluids are used in machining processes as both lubricant and coolant. They help
improve the surface finish of a machined component and improve tool life. However, an
improper disposal of cutting fluids could cause environmental problems such as water and soil
pollution. Therefore, handling the disposal of cutting fluids must obey rigid rules of the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In the machine shop, the operators may suffer from
adverse effects of cutting fluids such as dermatitis, respiratory and digestive system disorders,
and even cancers. The total production cost also increases as a result of procurement, storage,
maintenance and disposal of cutting fluids.

Your team should first explore different ways to improve the sustainability in machining
processes with respect to cutting fluids. A couple of previously published journal articles are
provided (as separate PDF attachments) for your reference. You are encouraged to perform
your own literature search to gather more background information and current sustainable
manufacturing practices relating to cutting fluids.

You should consider both aspects of cutting
fluid selections and the utilization of (or in absence of) cutting fluids in machining operations.
You will then propose to upper management your cutting fluids strategy that is most suitable
for your manufacturing production setting while maintaining a high level of product quality and
low cost.

Your group will be preparing a 10- to 12-minute PPT presentation and presenting as a
group in class. Submit your PPT file on Blackboard under the assigned case study link as an
attachment (one submission per group), due at the beginning of class time on the date of your
scheduled presentation. Also, include a brief description (using the textbox insert during
Blackboard submission) of each team member’s contribution towards the overall work and how
your team worked together to accomplish the outcomes of this case study

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