University of Central Missouri ?Ethics & Information Management Discussion & Responses


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University of Central Missouri ?Ethics & Information Management Discussion & Responses
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Ethics and Information Management

Using Campbellsville University library and/or other sources, read at least four (4) academically reviewed articles on the ethical issues that may arise in information management. Please note that Wikipedia articles will not be accepted for this discussion.

1. Write a comparative analysis of the articles noting the similarities and differences.

2. Compare the information in those articles to the materials in Chapter 14 of your textbook. Does the premise of those articles support the overall theme of the materials in Chapter 14 of your textbook? Why or why not?

3. Discuss what you learned from those articles. In your discussion, give example(s) of your organization handles ethical concerns as they relate to information management.


Post 1:Ethics is a section and a very important branch of philosophy wherein one behaves in different ways like good or bad or as an philanthropist or as an evil and it has become one of the biggest issues in our modern society. The word origins from a Greek letter ‘ethos’ which says people are responsible for the work they perform in the community and the public behavior is still a belief which should be found in our cultural values.The article shared by the author Mason also shows that ethical information has physical and electronic information and tries to determine the structure which has been taken care by knowledge we have during the entire lifecycle of the information which has been provided. Most of this is done by without the use of electronic documents  like video, audio and other ethical issues.As per the another author, companies require issues related to knowledge management which ensures that varying attitudes at the company level are considered and maintained as required.The data and info provided in the articles written above is applicable to the material in the manual. There are scenarios wherein big supermarkets store the products to get more investment and the banks relies on those businesses. In this scenario information relates to competitive responsibility.  Based on the articles and the above discussion, I feel that the whole premise with data elements is related and also because most of us talk about IT related to ethical issues or about management.I learnt from the arguments mentioned in the articles above that information management requires governance and should be seen as a corporate responsibility which should eliminate aspects which are unethical in an organization.References:R.O. Mason – 2017. Ethical issues in information age In Computer Ethics (p.g. 41-48).Galliers (2014). Strategic information management: challenges and strategies in managing information systemsBorono, K.E. Opportunities for Environmental Health, 2: Comparing all four articles, it is clear that there are very few differences, all the articles discussed about the ethical nature and moral values of storing and maintaining the information ad managing it. Which is by explaining the organizations the importance of the privacy and moral values of an individual person and letting them understand the situation by putting them in to real life scenario, and discussing the information and communication technologies, and considering the issues in the literature of information systems. The movement in the moral considering about the encounters science has now not encouraged with the effect of the improvement itself , it is clearly being seen on the internet now a days and some of the information systems corporate activities made the courses of this action for improving the efficiency of privacy and the basic extension of the firm even while the hypothetical situations rise.More of this have the duplicate intrigue and is said to be as an information science management and the main difference in the each article are the techniques or the process they want to express the values and to create the awareness regarding this situation, it is important to create these values from the educational program stages, so there are no more indisputable than one of these that can legitimately process at any time so it is very clarifying these all four article are relating to the chapter 14v in the textbook and to be clear, the premise of all these articles are clearly supporting the topic because the chapter also discuss about the various techniques and process to create the awareness about the information management. The main thing that I have learned by all these articles data is. The techniques to reduce the maximum risk of the information breaches from happening, personally I deal with the pharmaceutical industrial information which is very confidential and important to keep it maintained so, I have learned the techniques of information management. and knew the importance of the information.References.Davison, R. M., Kock, N., Loch, K. D., & Clarke, R. (2001). Research ethics in information systems: would a code of practice help?. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 7(1), 4.Nucci, L., Smetana, J., Araki, N., Nakaue, M., & Comer, J. (2014). Japanese adolescents’ disclosure and information management with parents. Child development, 85(3), 901-907.Jakopovi?, H. (2013). Public relations ethics in information management. The Journal of Education, Culture, and Society, (1), 20-20.Laudon, K. C., & Laudon, J. P. (2012). Ethical and social issues in information systems. Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, 169.


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