University of Maryland Death and Dying Essay


According to this week’s resources, elements of the death system contribute to enhancing social stability. In this week’s discussion post, discuss the following:

  • What is a “death system?”
  • Explain two or three specific ways in which funeral ceremonies may contribute to maintaining social order — for families, for the larger society, or both. In your response, indicate any specific components of the death system (people, time, place, symbols) that are part of your answer.
  • Discuss the kinds of losses and experiences of grief associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

An excellent response will be at least 3-4 paragraphs in length, using complete sentences and concise language. Please cite at least 3 of this week’s Learning Resources in your response.

Your initial post is due on Sunday evening at 11:59 p.m. ET. In addition to your main post, please respond to at least 2 other students’ posts by Tuesday evening at 11:59 p.m. ET. When responding to other students’ posts, make an effort to refer to something specific from the Learning Resources and/or and idea or an example that adds to the dialogue. Refer to the syllabus for more details about discussion participation.

Please be sure to use APA citations in your text and to include your reference list. When you refer to and/or discuss any resources, you need to include a citation for that source, such as: (Braincraft, 2015). For more info on APA style, visit the APA Citations and Style module in this online classroom.