UW Apple Inc. Analysis Discussion



Do NOT analyze Apple Inc. as a whole – focus ONLY on Apple’s media business (and its history) here!

QUESTION: Based on the article only (to keep your workload low), analyze the following aspects of Apple’s media business: Looking across their history as described, what are Apple’s resources and capabilities (abbreviated “r/c”) in the media sector?

Specifically, given what industry they are in (define it!), what are its threshold r/c ?

which of their r/c are VRIO?

Among the r/c you described, what are its core competences? Explain what they are and why you think they are core.

Part 2:

QUESTIONS: for your main post, only address ONE of these question.

What are the origins of Apple’s capabilities in the media business? For your main post, focus on just 1-2 examples and speculate on the origin of that capability.

How does Apple’s investment in TV+ tie into its other businesses?

Do the r/c needed for the media business overlap with any other businesses Apple is in?