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EMS5AEE Assignment – Written Employment Application (25% of total) To be conducted as an individual Due 10th April at 11pm In this assignment you will need to write a Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume, a cover letter and a statement of addressing the key selection criteria to apply for one of the following job advertisements. Your application should be structured as described in the lectures paying careful attention to the following aspects: – Ensuring grammar and spelling are flawless – Tailoring your CV and cover letter to the job advertisement – Style should be professional – Submission: a PDF on LMS only Submissions and Limits: – Cover letter should be a maximum of 1 page – CV should be a maximum of 2 pages – A statement of how you address the key selection criteria a maximum of 2-3 pages Marking Rubric: Selection Criteria Mark Poor Average Good Covering Letter Poorly presented. Missing standard Features such as names, addresses, dates, etc. Layout and Format ok. May have minor Grammar, typos and spelling issues. Presented well. Professionally written (concise, formal tone, Advance and professional language). Resume Limited. A few examples. May missing standard features such as dates, places, duties. Difficult to follow. Use some personal experience(s) Readable. Limited expression in terms of duties. Well presented. Professional written. Easy to follow Statement on addressing the Key Selection Criteria May miss some of the criteria. Only address each one with 1-2 sentence(s). Address each selection criteria with a paragraph. Examples could be More challenging or better fit the job. Address each selection criteria with a personal paragraph. Explain complicated tasks well. Use lots and a range of personal examples. Job 1: Graduate Engineer – WEIR Minerals Weir Minerals Australia Ltd, a member of the Weir Group PLC, is the market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of minerals processing equipment to the mining industry, both within Australia and throughout the world. Based in Clayton (Vic) working in the capacity of a Graduate Engineer, your focus will be to support the Senior and Principal Engineers in the delivery of local and global engineering services including Consultancy and Research & Development requirements associated with the Weir Technical Centre. – This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in providing services, both internally to the Weir Group and externally to industry, for the testing and design of products associated with the handling and transport of solids with the objective of differentiating and adding value to Weir Minerals and its clients. Weir Minerals Australia is a dynamic and growing organisation, and the Weir Technical Centre is a space of innovation, so in return for your commitment to us you will be rewarded with attractive remuneration package including exposure to industry leaders and best practice. The key responsibilities of this role will include (but not limited to): – Installation, commissioning and operation of all test equipment and process electronics at the Weir Technical Centre – To conduct research and development, and industrial test work pertaining to the developing of mine tailings dewatering and pipeline transport solutions involving the operation of closed loop pipelines, cyclones, centrifuges, thickeners, and other site equipment and services – To prepare the test results in a manner suitable for use by the senior and Principal Engineers for analysis – Preparation of factual reports based on test data generated at the Weir Technical Centre – Assisting with the design of practice and procedural processes – Providing information on the safety and operability of all equipment – Ensure any defective materials and equipment are quarantined – Involvement in the development of JSEA’s associated with operations carried out at the Weir Technical Centre in accordance with Weir Minerals HSE&Q protocols It is expected that the engineering graduate will undertake such education as is required to progress their professional development. To be successful in this role you will ideally have: (Selection Criteria) – An Engineering Degree -Mechanical or Civil – Capable of operating a CAD drawing package – Be proficient in Microsoft Excel – Exposure to Dewatering, Tailings, Hydraulic Pumping systems and Metallurgy would be beneficial – Good written and oral communication skills – A committed and proactive attitude towards Environment, Health and Safety – The ability to work independently or as part of a team as required Benefits: – Corporate health benefits – Access to novated leases – Additional employer superannuation contribution