Yonsei University Human Computer Interaction Project


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Yonsei University Human Computer Interaction Project
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We are working on a human-computer interaction project and want to make a hyper-localized mobile phone software About Second-hand Books. We hope you can give us some suggestionsFor a while?

This is something we’ve already talked about?

book database and tags

searching by street

algorithm recommendation

Bookshelf recommendation (work I saw in Watcha) Automatically > Take a picture of the bookshelf and share it on SNS to create a culture

Arrange items that are frequently used in categories separately.

“My house is like a library”. It’s more than just a purchase. Booking or renting


bookcase photography

UI/UX (Aladdin Yes24 UI is bad)—<Aladdin Yes24It’s a web page,u can google it~>

Search by city (Help Persona)

And I want to emphasize again that it’s a hyper-localized book app,

Mainly for the convenience of the neighborhood?Then it’s important to come up with ideas for functional UI/UX improvements and app interfaces in the app.These things are what we have mentioned and thought at present, please put forward more ideas, or if you want to improve these ideas, in short, I hope you put forward more ideas to make and improve this mobile app

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